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Remedial Massage – Injurease Cream

Ian WallI have been a remedial therapist, sports therapist, massage therapist and lecturer for over 20 years. During this time I have used just about every oil, cream and lotion on the market. For the last three years I have been using Injurease cream exclusively. I find it has three great properties. First, being a cream, it lasts for an effective time during treatment. Gels tend to disappear too quickly so a lot more quantity has to be used. Second, the slip qualities of the product are excellent. providing good control of movement for the therapist and no burn for the client. Third, and certainly not last, it works. I mean it works really well. Injurease cream can be used effectively to treat existing muscle soreness or during a heavier treatment to help prevent post treatment discomfort. As a therapist and teacher with many years’ experience in the body work field, I highly recommend Injurease cream. Personally I prefer it to any other product I have used.   Ian Wall

Remedial Massage - Injurease Cream